• Products

    Alukwa supplies custom-made products for the nautical super yacht sector. Most famous are our advanced exterior doors for super yachts. These doors have been fully designed and produced in house since 1980. The knowhow and technology that we have developed over the years has since been applied to various other uses, such as driving mechanisms for interior doors, windshields and TV- and panel lifts.
    Innovation is in our blood. We endeavor to create a fitting solution for every desire, a solution which is both exquisite in its design and at the same time meets the high demands required for nautical use. Not one super yacht is identical to another. For this reason every single one of our products is custom-made.
    Alukwa’s only standard is quality. We take pleasure in honoring our name (AluminiumKwaliteit : Kwaliteit = Quality). In keeping with this standard our products meet the most stringent demands when it comes to safety, comfort and durability.